Why Study Partner?

Why do you need a study partner in exam preparation?

When you have an important exam (life changing!) coming up, it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to study hard for it. Group study, for many, can make the difference between an A and a C, or even a pass and a fail.

Some people can study better alone, sure, but studies have shown that most people actually find it easier to stay motivated on a project when they have a partner(s). This could be a business, an art project or, in this case, studying. Here are some of the key benefits of having a study partner.

Thwarting Procrastination

One of the most difficult things about staying on track is getting away from distraction and procrastination. Studying alone, maybe you flip the Xbox on now and then, you zone out to Comedy Central for an hour. With a study group or a study partner, meeting at a scheduled time, taking breaks on a schedule, procrastination is almost impossible. You're here, you have a purpose and it's easy to stay focused.

Two Minds Are Faster Than One

In some situations, too many cooks ruin the soup. In studying, the more people you have, the more quickly you'll be able to understand the material, in most instances. As long as one partner or the other isn't a dunce, both partners can help keep each other up with their own shorthand interaction. If one partner gets this concept right away, they can explain it and move on. Studying with a partner allows you to learn at your speed plus your partner's speed.

Gaining a Fresh Perspective

We can't really help but only look at a given subject through our own eyes. When we have a partner who has a different vantage point on it, we see it from more than one side. This is important, as most subjects you can study are in fact three dimensional, not flat and simplistic, and so, the more perspectives as you can get on any given subject the better.

Learning New Study Tricks and Tips

Just learning new, practical studying methods from your partner can be enormously rewarding. One partner might like to take a lot of notes while another might use a timer to ensure that they stay on schedule, and another might set a goal of reading one chapter an hour, and then take the rest of the hour off when they finish in order to avoid fatigue. New methods and habits can always help you to learn more efficiently and effectively.

Of course, one of the real, major benefits to having a study partner is that it simply breaks up the dull, dreary monotony of studying. Even if you love a subject, studying is a lonesome chore. With a partner, it can also be fun to prepare for exam again.

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