How it works?

My Study Partner is designed to help people connect with each other to find someone in the same situation as them self. We all know what it’s like to prepare for an exam. It’s long, tedious, and boring. That’s why we’ve created a website where you can search for, and find people across the world to study effectively with.

Search To Start

To begin, all you have to do is type in what exam, or certification you’re currently testing for, and your current location. Press the search button, and you’ll find a list of individuals in your area who are studying for the exact same thing as you!

Can’t find a study partner close by? No problem! You can search anywhere in the world, and be able to find someone to connect with. By being able to study online, it doesn’t matter where your study partner lives, as long as they speak the same language as you. You’ll always be able to find someone studying for the same exam as you on mystudypartner.com!

Select Your Study Partner & Sign Up

After browsing through the results, you can choose the study partner you feel most comfortable with by clicking the connect button. Don’t limit yourself to just one study partner though. You can request as many people as you want to study with to increase your odds of success in the long run. The more help you have, the better your odds become for passing the exam.

To request a study partner, you’ll need to sign up first. You’ll be prompted to sign up once you click on the connect button for the first time. Sick of always having to sign up to every website you visit? So are we. That’s why we have incorporated a social log-in feature that allows you to sign up using a variety of other platforms you probably already have an account with. These include Facebook, Yahoo, and Google. Simply sign up using your existing user name and password, and get started instantly!

Connecting & Studying Together

If the people you requested to study with respond, you’ll have a direct line of communication with them to plan your study options together. Get to know them a little, and then decide the best way for each of you to work and study together effectively. Some options may include studying through our private messaging system, exchanging Facebook information, a Skype conversation, or even meeting up together somewhere in person. Since your study partners live nearby, you’ll always have the option of studying together in person.

A great way to feel comfortable while studying for the first time is to invite a group to come together, and study in a public place. You’ll be able to meet each other safely for the first time, and combine each others knowledge for the perfect study group.

Passing with Success

After studying with your partners for however long it takes, you’ll find that the exam you were once worried about taking is no longer a threat. Studying in groups of 2 or more has proven to increase your odds of success while taking any type of test or exam. Let My Study Partner help you achieve the success you deserve by using our free service today. All it takes is a simple search, and you’re well on your way to finding the right study partners for you.